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Tiny Homes WA in Perth has been established with a view to provide flexible accommodation options for all stages of life, that are mobile, customisable and practical but still feel like a home. Be it an addition to an existing home for a parent, a child, a young couple or a stand alone getaway. 

The beauty of a modern tiny house on wheels is it's flexibility. It could be semi-permanent and fully plumbed or designed to suit off the grid lifestyle. Check out our cool tiny houses.

Our Goals

Tiny Homes primary goal is meeting customers construction needs through quality workmanship and successful relationships with owners. 


Tiny Homes evaluates projects for constructability, provides cost estimates, helps maintain project scheduling, and works with owners to meet quality and service objectives. Tiny Homes can suggest cost effective means of construction and help select the best design for each project.  


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Tiny Homes WA

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